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High Net Worth Divorce

Experienced With Complex Financial Issues In Divorce

Many clients who retain family law attorney Linda K. Wray have complex or multimillion-dollar estates that involve businesses, stock options, defined benefit pension plans, executive compensation packages, real estate and/or sophisticated nonmarital asset tracing issues. At the law office of Linda K. Wray in Edina, Minnesota, we bring our skill and experience to ensure a fair, equitable and financially sound distribution of assets to our clients.

Linda’s expertise in using the most current financial software and experience in working with a variety of financial experts enables her to provide high-quality representation to clients. Protect yourself. Protect your children. Protect your future by contacting us at 952-806-9900.

Protecting The Assets You Are Entitled To

We look at valuation issues with attention to detail and thoroughness. Linda ensures that her client’s interests are protected by performing the due diligence needed on each case, including reviewing corporate and individual tax returns, corporate profit and loss statements, balance sheets, financial statements, real estate conveyance documents, current and historical statements for assets of value, probate documents and other relevant information.

Linda is experienced at working with certified public accountants, tax attorneys, business valuation experts, actuaries and other financial professionals. When expertise is required in a specific area such as the valuation of a business, Linda will ensure that the right expert is retained.

Building Your High Net Worth Divorce Case With The Facts

We use all of the available factual data to build your case. Divorce can severely impact your financial future, and we take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. If money or assets are hidden, we will take steps necessary to uncover and include them in your estate for distribution.

Ready To Protect Your Assets In Divorce

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a high-asset divorce, please contact us.