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Child Support

Child Support Helps Set Your Post-Divorce Financial Foundation

Determining the appropriate level of child support for your children is more than a simple calculation. At the law office of Linda K. Wray in Edina, Minnesota, we help our clients assess the facts of their case and various support options available to them with a focus on the best interests of their children.

Did you know that new laws took effect in 2007 regarding child support? Our job is to maintain a thorough and complete understanding of the most recent changes in the law. That helps us better serve our clients. For help with your child support issues contact us at 952-806-9900 or 877-288-8421.

Handling Complex Child Support Calculations

The state of Minnesota provides an online child support calculator accessible to the public. Both spouses’ net incomes are entered, along with information on spousal maintenance, dependent health insurance and day care costs, and parenting time.

Using this calculator is a first step for most, but should not be the only step for many. Determining the correct amounts to enter into the calculations may require investigation and research. Once numbers are correctly inputted, an analysis of the impact of child support on both parties’ cash flow should be conducted to determine if the child support amount is in the best interests of your children — this involves looking at both parties’ after tax incomes and budgets.

If spousal maintenance is also an issue in your case, an experienced attorney is needed to determine what level of spousal maintenance and child support is appropriate. Child support does not have tax benefits, but spousal support does. An ideal combination of the two can provide savings to those who are paying while still providing the support needed for everyone involved. At the law office of Linda K. Wray, we pride ourselves on taking our clients to a new level in cash flow analysis as it relates to child support.

We Focus On Your Financial Future

In issues that involve support and property division, we focus on the future financial well-being of our clients. With dedication and attention to detail, we provide the analysis of your financial situation that is required.

We Are Ready To Represent You

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced divorce lawyer regarding child support and any modifications in the future, please call or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.